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Friday, December 29, 2006

We found it!

Today a group of us went to Sheri's house to watch two movies. We watched one I have not seen (Finding Nemo) and one Sheri had not seen (Fried Green Tomatoes). It was fun but the weather was bad. We found the storm. It was here the entire time. Everyone's phone kept going off because their husbands were looking for them and people were nervous about a tornado. I was like well there is not much we can do about it from here. I completely understand people being worried about their kids though. It is a frightening thing when you are across the metroplex and your kid is in an unsure situation. We were within miles of Amanda but I know when it comes to tornadoes it does not really matter all that much. We all made it back home safe and sound and for that I am grateful.

The holidays have been great. It was a bumpy start because I (Renee') got sick the weekend prior. Actually, Amanda and I both got sick. Andi was wonderful about it though. She took such good care of us. We were quite pathetic looking. I believe she actually took a picture of it and maybe she will upload it at some point. I even missed Sue's Christmas party.

We got thru that though and then we had a crazy week of shopping. Sheri and I shopped during several lunch hours. Char and Jules joined us as well. It was fun though. I generally enjoy shopping.

We had our Christmas Eve with Mander on Sat. We kicked it off with brunch at Sue's to make up for the missed party. It was a really nice visit. Ok am I old now that I say things like "it was a really nice visit?" I think the troublesome word there is visit. Anyways, we came home after that just so Mander could get in trouble. Ok, so that was not actually why we came home but it sure feels like it. We dealt with that issue and moved forward with our holiday. We went to La Bella, oh yeah, and then drove around to look at lights. We did not see any thrilling lights but it was still fun. After that we opened a couple of gifts and watched a movie.

We got up Sunday morning and opened gifts. It was a great time. Andi took pictures of that as well. We all got some great gifts. Amanda got a cell phone, clothes, a bike and other random items. I got an amazing watch. It is truly beautiful. Andi got a paper making kit, books and a couple of blouses. We tooled around for a bit and then went to the neighbors for snacks. Before going to the neighbors Andi put a couple of rock cornish game hens in the oven. We came home and had a nice candle light dinner before heading her to meet her father.

Christmas morning Andi did some baking and I cleaned up a bit. That afternoon we went to Christi's apartment to hang out with Amanda and family. It was a great time. I am the winner of the poker game. Good times! The food there was amazing and I managed to wear a lot of it home. We also went to visit Brenda for a bit.

It was a wonderful holiday.