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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Just because I love each and every person reading this blog I wanted to make a public service announcement.

As most would know if you scream in the shower it is never a good thing.

Ok so I was in the shower innocently doing what people do...bathing and all...but then I decided to use soap. My mother always said make sure you use soap but ladies and gentlemen I am here to tell you that mothers are not ALWAYS right. If only I would not have listened to her but I am a good daughter and always do what my mothers says. Yeah well it sounds good anyways.

So as I was saying....I picked up the container of body wash...evil body wash...popped open the lid and splat directly into my eye flew a quarter size of this purple goo. I did what any normal person would do and screamed my eyes out. At that point I began to rapidly squeeze the bottle and release. This did nothing for me and so I gently put the bottle down to collect my thoughts. At this time I stepped back from the situation just to get a grip and make sure it actually did indeed hurt as much as I thought it did and upon such conformation I immediately began to scream again.

Andi came rushing in thinking I was surely dead or nearly dead or at the least mostly dead. After looking at my eye she suggested that I run water over it. I always knew she was the smart one. It did but it did not help. Here I am late at night and my eye still hurts A LOT.

chicken dance

the chicken dance is a dangerous thing. honestly but then again i can make anything dangerous.
it is true.

it was a wonderful weekend of bill paying and art. I was in a very happy place on Sunday. After putting up as much of a fight as I could we went to church. People who know me will as always scratch their head as to why I would put up a fight to go to church considering how much I love being there. What can I say? I am a freak. However, I love church and it was a great sermon.
The preacher talked about Thomas and FAITH.

FAITH.......it is like a lightbulb.

Then after church we went to eat Mexican with B....
Did I mention Happy Place? YEP

Then as if the day was not awesome enough we went to the art fair. Sure it was hot. Sure it was crowded. Sure we drove in circles in a bank parking lot more than we needed to. It was fun though. FUN FUN FUN.

The goal for the day was to look at art and then see BRAVE COMBO. They are an awesome NUCLEAR PUNK band. So we managed to pull it off.

Ladies and if there are any men reading this WE DID THE CHICKEN DANCE. I did bonk knees with some stranger and it REALLY hurt but it was a lot of fun. I loved being out there in the hot Texas sun baking like a chicken with my family.

Thank you for being such a trooper. I adore you.


if only i knew what i was going to say

if i knew what i was going to write i would title this blog but of course i do not. i would like to write something that would sound brillant and astonish people but i am too tired.

i do know that if you bring home tulips suddenly it is a good thing.

this morning I actually talked to my mom. Bless us Lord because we are busy. It is difficult for the two of us to reach each other. it is not for a lack of trying. Regardless today we caught up. She got to see her friend that she has not seen in a long time. It was a nice conversation.

Also I had lunch with my dad. He was driving thru and stopped in for lunch. I also got to give him a shop tour. It was cool to get to show him the press brake. It is a true MONSTER. I do not know the tonage though. I need to find out b/c he wanted to know.

We did not have the house cleaner this week and it seemed to make me a real bear. I would like to take this time to say ANDI I AM SORRY ABOUT THAT and I love you.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Painting Renee’s toenails is mostly a venture in futility. All her toes crisscross each other, so unless we leave them in the egg-carton/toe separator thingy for 30 minutes, they immediately obliterate the orange surface of one another. The resulting gummy wound makes it look as though Emma had the brush in her little paws to do the job.

We’re at the pool now. It’s about 85 outside. But the day after some dinner, dancing and a drag show, nursing bad knees all around and feeling overly warm, overly cranky and substantially hungover, we’re just kind of sitting here. I brought a book – and have passed it to her because she couldn’t think of anything to write. We dipped our toes in, and remarkably, no one drowned.

I think we have committed to the fact that she is high-maintenance. I am moody and obstinate. There is a difference.

There’s a guy here with like, four kids. All some hue of redhead. There’s also a large gaggle of 20-somethings across the pool campus. You can practically feel the swagger. Most of them are unattractive, even in their bikinis. My woman is wearing the largest sunglasses I’ve ever seen. Well, that someone would wear for real, and not for a costume in a Las Vegas comedy act. And a blue ball cap and orange shorts. And I find her to be the most stunning creature …ever. Just so you know, her orange toes match her shorts. We speculate about the hot tub potential of this establishment. She watched a family head that way, but we’re both too lazy to go see for ourselves. It’s probably too hot for a dip in a hot tub right now anyway. Without being wet, this little adventure is much like suffering.

Church this morning was a lot like camp. We got up early, got all our stuff together, then changed our mind after seeing the bear. I was panicky because of the drive into downtown FW and then she got panicky because our seats were the last, and I mean the highest, lastest, farthest awayest seats in the entire place. By the time we climbed the stairs to find the seats we were uncomfortable, achy and frazzled, so when she took one look down – straight down – to see part of the ant show on stage, it was all over. So we gathered our respective phobias and found the location of the Agape church. It was too late to attend, but at least we knew where it was and how to get there. And approximately how long it takes to drive out in the middle of BFE. We need to make sure we leave a solid 45 minutes before church begins next week so we make it on time. She’s bad with directions, I’m bad with directions and time, amanda’s bad with church all around. This should be fun.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Is it normal to go potty with a dog on your lap?

Renee' the curious

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Hi my Name is Renee' and I am here to say I hate peanuts. I do. It is true but to my defense they are gross. There are two exceptions to this rule:

When I am at the Rangers game I like to suck the red skin off of them and then spit out the nut.

I LOVE PayDay candy bars. I do not believe those are REAL peanuts though. That darn bar is just plain yummy.

Nooo Not a speed bump

Today I was walking the dog when the family pulled up. Of course at this point as any sane person would do I opened Amanda's door and the dog and I both jumped in her lap. We could not shut the door for Andi to park. The door would not shut b/c my hiney was sticking out, oh and I was holding on to the steering weel so Andi could not park. She rushed over the speed bump ahead of us like a mad woman.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Man in Park......written by TADE

Everyday at 5:25 Bob breathes a sigh of relief. He knows that the day is almost over and his therapy will soon begin. Bob shuts off his computer and walks down the hall way takes a left and passes Sally’s desk as he does every day @ 5:30. Sally smiles as kindly as she always does. Before last fall he would have stopped by to chat with her for a while but he now knows better. He has something more to do with his time. He smiles back at her and tells her to have a good evening. He continues on his journey to wash out his mug. This journey generally takes him 5 minutes when at one point in his life it took another 25. He washes out his mug with hot water, no soap except on Friday, and then excessively dries it before sitting in the cabinet. He walks back to his desk grinning to himself the whole way. He puts the needed papers in his bag, picks it up and heads out the door.

Sunshine immediately hits his face and he can not contain his joy and laughs out loud. He strolls to his car unlocks the passenger door and places his bag in the seat. He walks around the rear of his car and glances at his scraped bumper which always makes him giggle. He plops in the driver seat turns off the radio and takes off towards his slice of Heaven.

As Bob pulls up to the park he notices the trees are starting to bloom. The world around him is full of beauty and he intends to appreciate it all. He finds his perfect spot with its’ lush green grass and plops down flat on his back. He folds his fingers under his head and he closes his eyes briefly to reflect upon his day and his past. He opens his eyes and enjoys the stars that the bright sun creates in front of him. Occasionally as his young daughter would once do he reaches out to try and grab them before they fade and the clear sky above becomes clearer.

Bob often relives the events of his past and appreciates his future. He reminds himself that the stress he felt that day is to stay at his job. He knows what a wonderful life he has and so he lets it all goes. He relaxes each muscle starting with his toes and works his way up to his fingers until every muscle in his body is fully relaxed. It is about that point every day that his lovely bride lays down beside him to do just the same. They do not speak but their elbows touch which often makes her giggle. She relaxes fully just as he had.

It is at that point that they discuss nothing about their day other than how wonderful the leftovers were and what they want to eat for dinner that night. They turn on their sides towards one another and smile. She reminds him it is her night to pick and so she informs him that she had thought about it all day. They were going to that German restaurant that she loved so and he was going to dance with the old man whether he wanted to or not. He smiled and attempted a half hearted fuss about it as he leaned on one elbow but in his heart he knew he would follow her anyway and therefore he was happy. It is true that he hated to dance with the old man but if he were to be true about himself he really just enjoyed the idea of making her think he hated it.

They both turn back over to lie on their backs and silently reflect upon their week and it flashes thru his mind that he did not send that last fax but he fights the thought and remembers a derby car race when he was 12 instead.