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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

chicken dance

the chicken dance is a dangerous thing. honestly but then again i can make anything dangerous.
it is true.

it was a wonderful weekend of bill paying and art. I was in a very happy place on Sunday. After putting up as much of a fight as I could we went to church. People who know me will as always scratch their head as to why I would put up a fight to go to church considering how much I love being there. What can I say? I am a freak. However, I love church and it was a great sermon.
The preacher talked about Thomas and FAITH.

FAITH.......it is like a lightbulb.

Then after church we went to eat Mexican with B....
Did I mention Happy Place? YEP

Then as if the day was not awesome enough we went to the art fair. Sure it was hot. Sure it was crowded. Sure we drove in circles in a bank parking lot more than we needed to. It was fun though. FUN FUN FUN.

The goal for the day was to look at art and then see BRAVE COMBO. They are an awesome NUCLEAR PUNK band. So we managed to pull it off.

Ladies and if there are any men reading this WE DID THE CHICKEN DANCE. I did bonk knees with some stranger and it REALLY hurt but it was a lot of fun. I loved being out there in the hot Texas sun baking like a chicken with my family.

Thank you for being such a trooper. I adore you.



Brenda said...

The best part of the day was Mexian food, (since I was not at church) but we did not order the guacamole. What was wrong with us?

Brenda said...

Oh, and by the way, you are a freak.

Reis - Groskreutz, Inc. said...

You know what I love? The driving around in circles. And I wasn't doing the driving! And another good thing - I didn't have to use the portapotty, no not once. I'm grateful for the little things.

I adore Renee' and if she isn't just the cutest darn chicken evar.