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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Coffee - not as easy as it seems.

There's coffee yet unborn in this household. R recently bought a can of that chicory stuff that you might have at the Cafe DuMonde in NOLA. I think it's pretty good - strong, but good. She thinks it's strong, but bad. I'll probably make some this morning, and try to keep it on the weak side, but it will probably come out like motor oil.
I wish I could say that I had Real Coffee Skillz(tm) but, no. Here's an example: Yesterday, I was trying to clean out old grounds and coffee from pot, ergo resulting in tipping the used filter, grounds go everywhere. So I clean out every crevice in the kitchen which then had grounds in it. Heinous, I tell you. This is the punishment for drinking coffee. I'm sweeping, and Renee comes out for emotional support. Kiss, hug. She goes back out to the living room. Grinding new coffee (from Target - Southern Pecan flavor - not bad) and setting up new water ("make water" - haha), I finally get the whole process started. Coffee is on its way! Hallelu- ACK! what's wrong with the pot? Leaking, coffee...streaming... Grabbing towel, watching precious caffeine trickle down cabinets. R hears my cry for assistance and wonders what crack I'm on that I can't get through a cycle of coffee. We stop the brew and try to figure out what just went 86 on us. Pot's ok, everything seems normal... oh - I didn't put the machine's filter holder back in. I laid the filter straight down in the darn thing - without that, nothing to measure out water, grounds going into the pot, the works. Fairly important piece of plastic, that thing. Grumpy is no longer a word that can describe my mental state. R is laughing and comforting me. I'm growling and whining. We clean up grounds (again. Huh, whoda thunk.) and add new water, grind more coffee. Well I thought I added new water. Nope, no can do - all the steps weren't meant to come together for me that day, no sir. But even as we finished up and waited for the first TRUE cup of coffee, I suddenly didn't want it anymore. Just kidding. It was ok - too strong cuz I forgot to put more water in it. But R added some more water after it finished brewing, and like the angel she is, made me stay out of the kitchen while she fixed us our first cups.

If this isn't an advertisement for those Coffee Singles, I don't know what is.


Brenda said...

Boy am I glad I don't drink coffee.

Anonymous said...

You should get one of the single drip coffee gadgets. And some sweetened condensed milk. Together with ice.

voila, Vietnamese cafe sua da.