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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What happens when you don't have anything to say? from Andi

Sometimes I get an urge to update the blog.

Every time I lay down, my knees are parallel to my shoulders.

Cutting oneself with a serrated knife is a different sensation than doing so with a paring knife. Still as unpleasant, might I add. Bread can be dangerous.

Lately, I forget things immediately after thinking of them.

Lists are great, but they don't work if you don't remember writing things down in the first place.

At work, the deadline to do my timesheets was yesterday EOD. Today, I've thought about doing them several times, including just now. By the time I've moved on to the next topic, I'll have forgotten.

Sometimes I forget things immediately after thinking about them. Does that ever happen to you?


Brenda said...

When I still worked, I used to carry a small pad and pen everywhere because people would ask me things and as soon as I looked away from their face I would forget them, their name and what they asked me.

NOw I just nap...

majlogon said...

Obviously, you have not read your borg handbook. Otherwise, you would know that there are periodic memory purges done to keep upper memory "uncontaminated" by futile, resistive thoughts and ideas. Sorta like working for your US Government.

REsistance is futi.....
What was I saying?

Anonymous said...

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