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Monday, January 01, 2007

new year

Andi and I both have done some thinking for the new year. One of my goals is to write on this blog more. Life moves so fast that I can not seem to keep up or remember. I do not expect this blog to generally be all that exciting so I am sorry to you folks who were looking for constant wit. However, I would like to utilize this free space blogger has offered to the world.

Right now I am home alone, and ummm cleaning house, while Andi is taking Amanda to the doctor. Amanda can not shake her cough. I thought I was catching it yesterday but woke up better today.

This weekend we had a dinner party here at the house. It was just the family and not even all of the family. Nancy was ill and could not attend. We played imagine If and poker. It was a nice visit. These things always seem easy but because we slept late we got a late start on the day. We did buy some great food though. Personally, I had a great time putting the food together. Andi swept and mopped the floor while I did the food. I made this one thing with candied pecans and cream cheese with chives on a wheat thin. I think I will call it the Brenda special.

I also wrote a short story about a snowman that was not all that great. Perhaps I will post it for the heck of it. Basically the only true part of the story is that mom walked to work in the snow. The rest of it pure fiction or so I think. When thinking of childhood the memories often get jumbled.

I can not believe they actually hung Sadam. Andi and my first thoughts were that it was a hoax and they did not follow thru. What do you guys think? Also, I heard it was already on you tube. If that is true there are sickos in the world. Who wants to watch such a thing? Teenagers??

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