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Sunday, August 19, 2007

This is why I'm hot

this is why, this is why, this

well, not so much anymore. We've had an electrician take care of the weird phenomena of blown fuses for electrical devices running down the center of our house. No ceiling fan for a week. We're good to go now, though. It's only 100 degrees in the shade today.

I'm waiting for my wife, my daughter, my ex-husband and his stepdaughter to come back from a Nickelback concert. Periodic text msgs come through with "Puddle of Mudd rocks" or "Not too hot out here" or "Leaving no later than 10:15."

This weekend, Matt gave us the shirt off his back, we were asked to be godparents for their baby Kurt, and R got a certificate for lasting 1244 days as Matt's friend. We have the folded up b&w 8.5x11 inkjet printout to prove it, too. Verily.

Shan and them have this cute cava-poo puppy, and they named her Hope, no doubt after their second-chance relationship. The cat Snackers seems to be hell on wheels, and hopefully they won't encourage her mean behavior. Nhu had a mean cat that would do devilish, nasty things to people, and it just wasn't good. She ended up back in the pound, and to be honest, for the silver beauty that she was, I dearly hope she didn't find a home with children. But I digress. Didn't get to see Hallie and the Logan tonight, but maybe next time. Game night? I don't know.

Read most of my chapters in my copywriting book. There are some smartly written tidbits in there. Some I already knew, but from a copy editor's standpoint, not much of it mattered before. I never had to be in front of the client. I have to learn some social skills I guess. I know I can't please everyone all the time, but I piss some people off most of the time.

I've made chicken and dumplings, and I'm workingo on chili now. I'm going to divide up this brisket shortly and put it in the oven all night to roast. This family eats some serious meat, I'm tellin' ya. I think it's the ex's birthday soon, so we need to do dinner.

Amanda wrote a great story. Once I finish typing it in, I will post it online for the ho' wi' whirl.


Brenda said...

you really should be ashamed taking the man's shirt...

Andi said...

I'd be ashamed except that it's an awesome shirt. So it's ok.