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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another banana post from Andi

Ok, here's the article that changed my life.

Look out for the big banana

11:22 AM CST on Monday, January 8, 2007

SAN ANTONIO – A Canadian artist hopes to make the Texas sky his canvas by sending a 1,000-foot-long helium-filled-banana to float overhead next year.

"I want to bring some humor to the Texas sky," Montreal artist Cesar Saez, 38, told the San Antonio Express-News for its Sunday editions.

If the plan works, the giant bamboo and paper dirigible will be launched from Mexico in summer 2008. It will then drift eastward over Texas at a stratospheric altitude of 20 miles.

"There's no question this is a serious artistic project," said Donna Balkan, a spokeswoman for the Canada Council for the Arts. "It's a work of public art, but what makes this project unusual is that he's using the sky as his venue rather than a park or street corner."

After reading this, i wrote to my wife and our good friend...

Some guy in Dallas Canada has a dream. In Quick today (a local paper), I read that
this guy wants to float a large helium-craft over the Dallas skyline. It's
in the shape of a banana. At some point in his daydreaming and
goal-achieving, he said to himself, "Dallas needs to see a large banana
balloon. That will be fun." And then someone else hears about this dream and
says, "Hey, that's a great idea. I will write about the big banana balloon
and tell thousands of people how fun that will be." So now I get to read how
some guy, whose name I don't recall or care to, has a goal of flying a
phallic fruit over Dallas, and other people agreed that this was splendid,
fantastic thing! so let's move forward with that. And if you note at the end someone was quoted saying "there's no question that this is a serious artistic project." By golly, who am I to question that kind of art?

And here I sit moaning and writhing about my goals and my career. All I need
is to talk to people. I just need to make sure that I know what I want, and then
tell people about it. That's IT! It sounds so easy, but I don't LIKE to talk
to people! I don't need to learn to program in HTML, or use
InDesign or even project management. I need to learn how to talk to people.
To strangers. And do public speaking. And, oh how hateful this is, even
marketing. But somewhere, somehow, someone wants my big banana, and I'm
gonna give it to 'em.


Brenda said...

Ok, I think this banana idea is the stupidest thing EVAR. What is wrong with people?

majlogon said...

People are fruit loops. So therefore, those fruits with the most money get to make bigger fruits...