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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fold up the branches

Yesterday, Andi made a list of chores for Amanda. The list was rather basic or so we thought. Andi had run to home depot and to the post office. She thought it was safe to leave us alone or maybe she considers it a risk each time. :) Anyway, the request as written: "Fold up the tree branches." Andi wanted her to fold up the branches on the Christmas tree so we could put it back in the box. It was the only thing left of the decorations to put away at this point. Amanda seeks clarity. So I go thru this whole visual demonstration and explain how to do it. As I am talking Amanda gets more and more horrified. I can not figure out why this is bothering her so. Eventually she ask, "all of the branches?", "Yes, all of them", I say. She repeats the questions but is near tears at this point. "I don't understand why Mommy wants me to do that." Then she says, "Every tree? And I really don't think I can get up that high" and I say "WHAT? Are you on crack?" She thought Andi was asking her to do to this to the trees out in the backyard.

I can see the new service offered by lawn care folks: Tree folding $99 per tree. Sleek! Trim! Bound trees for every occasion.


Hallie said...

I have recently discovered that Amanda thinks that Christmas trees are a vast never ending plethra of work. She's going to develop a complex about it I am sure. Here is how my conversation about Christmas trees went with her.

We were on our way to my work to put up the Christmas tree there. We put a race track and hot wheels on it, and she has seen this tree about 15-20 times before. So, on the way, I explain to her what her job is going to be. Here is how that went:

Me: "ok mander, your job is going to be to tie ribbons onto the cars so that we can get the hooks on them"
her: (looking at me like I am nuts already) "are the hooks big enough?"
me: "I think so, I just hope we have enough of them..."
her: "where are we getting the ribbon?"
me: "I already have it"
her: (the tears started rolling down her face) "all of the cars?"
me: (way past confused) "...yes?"
her: "but arent there more people in your office now?"
me: (getting frustrated now) "look, I just need you to tie ribbons on all of the cars so that we can hang them on the tree, I dont understand what on earth the problem is, I dont know why I brought you if you are going to act like this...WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM????"
Her: "but...how am I going to do this??? (big pause) Do you mean all of the cars??"
me: "uhm...yes"
her: "all of the cars in the parking lot????"
me: "you are on crack"

See, the Christmas tree is a vast neverending thing!

Brenda said...

Ok, Amanda is really being treated badly by you people making her fold trees and hang up cars in parking lots!?!?! Are you insane?